First Focus


Through a unanimous call on Sunday, June 23, FBCTLH welcomed Jacob Chilton as the new Associate Pastor of Children and Family Ministries. On July 15, Jacob began serving FBCTLH in his new role.

Jacob Chilton, Associate Pastor of Children and Family Ministries

Born and raised in Dothan, Alabama, Jacob felt a call to ministry an early November morning before a college class. After months of consistent prayer for direction, he felt God call him to full-time ministry. After communicating this with his church leaders at the time, they invested in Jacob by offering him work and opportunities to serve in various ministry roles at his church, exposing him to different types of ministry. Though given the opportunity to serve in different ministry roles, Jacob always came back to children’s ministry.

In 2014, Jacob and his wife, LeeAnn, moved to New York City to help to plant a church and grow a children’s ministry in one of America’s toughest neighborhoods. After two years of service in NYC, they chose to move back south, to Tallahassee, Florida where they would be closer to home (but not TOO close :) ). The last 3 years, Jacob has been the Minister of Children and Families at Immanuel Baptist Church.

As a father himself, with two boys, Keegan and Asher, Jacob, and his wife LeeAnn, understand the struggles of the modern-day parent. One of the things that he is most passionate about is helping to empower parents to effectively disciple their children through today’s challenges, from birth to college. One of his objectives at FBCTLH is to build and create a plan to help parents assess the spiritual condition of their children so that parents can help their children become fully mature disciples of Christ. In the meantime though, Jacob is excited to learn about the history and culture of FBCTLH.

Jacob and LeeAnn have been married since May 2012. LeeAnn is one of the amazing teachers you can find at Weekday Education throughout the week.

Jacob has a Bachelor of Arts in Leadership and Christian Education from the Baptist College of Florida. He also has a Masters of Arts in Theological Studies from Liberty University and plans to finish his Masters of Divinity by this year’s end.

You can reach Jacob via email at or stop by his office on the 1st floor of the Duval building. Learn more about Children’s ministry at FBCTLH by visiting