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There’s a new but familiar face you might see hanging out around the Youth Ministry. As Alberto Santiago moves on as Interim Minister to Youth, Tom Grubbs has stepped into the role to take his place.

Tom, who came to FBCTLH from Gainesville, Florida, earlier this year as the Director of Recreation, and will continue to serve in that capacity, is incredibly excited for this new opportunity. Tom actually got his start in ministry as a youth minister. “When I started in ministry, in 1995, I was the youth intern at Temple Baptist Church in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.” Tom quickly transitioned from that role to the role of Youth Minister to Middle School students and served in that capacity for close to 5 years. After graduating from college and obtaining his master’s degree, Tom began ministry as a recreational minister but has always worked with students, due to the nature of the recreation.

Tom Grubbs, Interim Minister to Students and Director of Recreation

For Tom, recreational ministry has always been an avenue of connection to other ministries of the church. “When I do recreational ministry, I’m always wanting to connect other ministries to what we’re doing, because the great thing about recreational ministry is it hits all age groups,” says Tom. He now has the opportunity to focus even more on the youth in Tallahassee.

The vision for the youth at FBCTLH over the next few months will be a focus on character, integrity, and Christian values. “[Students] need to know that character means everything.” The goal is to focus on character building and spiritual development in order to help raise young adults with strong Christian values. “You know, my goal would be for our kids to walk out of our student ministry, and head off to college and be able to stand on their two feet and defend their faith.”

Tom Grubbs has been married to his wife Sonya for 25 years. They have a son named Tyler in the 11th grade at North Florida Christian. You can reach Tom via email.

Vision Statement for Youth Ministry

Invest in student’s lives to help them become successful adults who grow up to serve Jesus in the community and church. Help them to grow and develop into spiritually strong, young adults who follow Jesus in every area of their lives.