Church News


As we anticipate gathering together again this Sunday, here is some information and encouragement about our worship services:

  • We will have two worship services, at 9:00AM and 11:15AM. Both services will last approximately 45 minutes, and for at least a few weeks, both services will be essentially the same service. We will have times of music, prayer, Scripture reading, and preaching. During our 11:15AM service this week, we will also have a baptism and a parent/child dedication time.
  • We will be live streaming both services on all the same platforms we have been using (at both 9:00AM and 11:15AM), so if you choose you may view the service the same way you have been viewing it the last few months. These services will be recorded and available at later times as well.
  • Regarding returning to worship or viewing the service online, please know that either decision made for the right reasons honors God during this season. We are encouraging you not to return to worship gatherings yet if you are at a higher risk for infection, taking care of those who are at a higher risk for infection, or uncomfortable with our current circumstances. Please do not attend if you are sick, think you might be sick or are living with someone who is sick.
  • We will be doing our best to love our neighbors as we love God by practicing good social distancing. This includes having hand sanitizer available, encouraging everyone to wear a mask inside the building, not initiating handshakes or hugs, using offering boxes instead of passing offering plates, not offering coffee or food, not using water fountains, and not congregating inside the Sanctuary or Welcome Center.
  • We will have ushers and greeters who will be there to hold open doors, offer assistance, and help you find a seat if necessary. In the pews we will have visual reminders of how far apart six feet is to help us space out accordingly.
  • Please feel free to bring your children of all ages to the service, as we will not be offering nursery or children’s care during this time. We will have special handouts for your children (toddlers through grade-school age) to help them engage with the service and the sermon.

Please be in prayer for our services this Sunday. I can’t wait to worship with you all again. I’m thankful for the technology that allows us to worship when we can’t gather, but the church is fundamentally the assembly of believers covenanted with one another before God, and I’m excited to resume assembling. As the nation of Israel sang on their way to Jerusalem to worship God at the temple, “I was glad when they said to me, ‘Let us go to the house of the Lord.’”

God bless,
Pastor Gary