Tallahassee Marathon


Tallahassee Marathon

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On Sunday, February 7, over 1,000 runners and run enthusiasts will be in our backyard competing in the 42nd Tallahassee Marathon and Half Marathon.

We’re excited to share the space around us as people come to downtown to compete in this annual event. Naturally, there will be some traffic changes that Sunday, and we want to make sure you’re well aware and prepared for them come February 7.

Here’s what you need to know.

  • We will have our regular services as scheduled.
  • Kleman Plaza will be open and available for parking, but only by coming down Bronough Street.
  • A shuttle will be available every 20 minutes starting at 7:15am from the Eastside Parking Garage on Calhoun St. (Pick up will be on the Calhoun side).
  • We encourage you to wear your favorite FBCTLH t-shirts and come prepared to Impact the City of Tallahassee with warm smiles, encouragement, and love. We will have water bottles and fruit available to runners and attendees. If you’re available to volunteer, please sign up.

Road Closures:

Map for road closures for the 42nd Tallahassee Marathon and Half Marathon


  1. Don’t forget your smile!
  2. Think about car pooling from your neighborhood.
  3. Remember to smile!
  4. Consider taking an Uber.
  5. Give yourself extra time to find parking.
  6. Leave a little earlier from home with your comfy shoes on.
  7. Consider the FBCTLH Shuttle at the Eastside Parking Garage on Calhoun St. (Pick up will be on the Calhoun side) Wearing your favorite FBCTLH t-shirt.
  8. Did I mention to smile?
  9. Introduce yourself to the people God has brought us!