Together in Lent: Sharing Midday Worship and Food


Together in Lent: Sharing Midday Worship and Food

Together in Lent 2019
In observance of the Season of Lent, the downtown churches will come together to share worship and a simple meal. Each event will begin with a brief worship service, followed by a simple lunch prepared by the host church. The host churches are St. John’s Episcopal, Trinity United Methodist, FBCTLH, First Presbyterian, Bethel Missionary Baptist, and St. Paul’s UMC. Leaders of worship will be pastors Wayne Wiatt, R.B. Holmes, Gary Shultz, Kandace Brooks, Kathy Walker, and Brant Copeland. All are welcome for both worship and lunch.

There will be no charge for the meal, but diners will be given the opportunity to contribute to “Operation I.D.,” a ministry to people living with homelessness operated by the Renaissance Community Center. “Operation I.D.” helps people secure birth certificates and other documents required to obtain a state-issued identification card.

Here is the schedule for the series:

  • March 7 at First Baptist Church of Tallahassee, speaker Wayne Wiatt on The Power of the Cross (Mark 16:1–8)
  • March 14 at Saint Paul’s UMC, speaker R.B. Holmes
  • March 21 at Trinity UMC, speaker Gary Shultz
  • March 28 at Bethel Missionary Baptist, speaker Kandace Brooks
  • April 4 at First Presbyterian, speaker Kathy Walker
  • April 11 at Saint John’s Episcopal, speaker Brant Copeland

For more information, contact: Kelly Harrington