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2015 is the second year that our College Ministry has traveled to Boston to help North American Mission Board church plants in their endeavor to bring the Gospel to one of America’s greatest cities. Boston, which has roughly 5 million people in its metro area, has a rich history rooted in movements of God, but currently less than 4% of people living in Boston attend an evangelical church. Our work this year will be a combination of helping two church plants with a “new to them” church facility as they recently merged with an almost 400 year old Congregational Church in Charlestown. We will also be doing neighborhood canvassing, prayer-walking & promotional giveaways at public transportation stations close to a few other church plants.

A walk through Boston is like a review of the pages of a history textbook, with storied landmarks from America’s past seemingly down every street. Today the city is poised to remain the focal point from which the next generation of history makers will emanate. Home to more than 250,000 college students and a thriving international community, Boston has become a crucial stopping point for young professionals as they move on to positions of influence and innovation all over the world.  NAMB Center for Missional Research

How You Can Pray

  1. That the Holy Spirit would use the work done by our team to continue pioneering the gospel in the community, and encourage and strengthen the believers in Boston.
  2. That God would call some of our team to invest in the gospel work being done in Boston beyond this week in March.
  3. The message of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection would be a part of many conversations that we will have with those we encounter.
  4. That our team’s chemistry would continue to be strengthened and that each member would seek to be a servant of one another.
  5. That our team would be protected from illness and accidents during our trip so that we can be as much help to the Boston churches as possible.
  6. For a smooth transition for both congregations as Celebration Church moves into First Church’s facilities full-time.
  7. That the Charlestown community would begin to recognize the First Church building as an active house of worship again.
  8. Suresh Sammangi will be planting an Asian Indian church to reach the 80,000 Asian Indians who live in Boston. He and his wife, Anita, will be the first evangelical witness/church to this people group in Boston. Right now Suresh is waiting for his Visa to be renewed so he can stay in the states.
  9. For Ricky Grant and Rescue Church, an African American Church just launched in Dorchester. Ricky is from this part of the city and hopes to penetrate what is one of the most challenging areas of our city.
  10. For the New England Baptist Convention and their hope of planting 15 new churches in 2015 throughout Boston, in places like Salem (Jeremy Wellman is the lead planter), Waltham (Clint Patronella), and Gloucester (Kody Aten). Pray for each of these planters and their team as they prepare to start churches sometime this fall.