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Since the earthquake in January of 2010, we have sent a team each summer to work with the Joy House in Gressier. We began by meeting the immediate needs of building shelters and moving rubble in 2010 and 2011, and transitioned in 2012 to working with local pastors to spread the gospel through evangelism, discipleship classes, and kids’ camps. In the words of our brother Mathieu (Matthew) to our team in 2013: “First you came to build houses. Your job now is to build people.”

Mission Trip Volunteers

We would love to have you join our team next summer. Contact Josh and plan to attend our informational meeting in November for anyone who is interested. We also encourage anyone who is planning to travel with us to do five things:

  1. Prayer: Pray for those in need and those who will go.
  2. Passport: If you don’t have one, apply now. If you already have a passport, make sure it won’t expire before February 2022.
  3. Immunizations: Check the CDC website to see what is recommended for Haiti.
  4. Money: Begin cutting back on your expenses and start saving now. Also let others know about your trip and how they can support the work you will do.
  5. Fitness: Unless you’ve been, it’s hard to appreciate how physically demanding a trip like this can be. Don’t wait on this one. Begin a program of regular exercise now.

See our previous trips for yourself in under 5 minutes with one of our recap videos:

Other Opportunities

In addition to our yearly trip to Gressier, we continue to support the Summer Music School at the Christian University of Northern Haiti (UCNH) through our annual Hope for Haiti fundraiser. If you would like to go to Haiti and help with the music camp this summer, please contact Janet Ray.

Spaghetti Lunch Fundraiser

Everyone’s invited to come support our mission trip to Haiti this July and enjoy a spaghetti lunch while you’re at it. For early worshipers, we’ll have lunch ready in the Fellowship Hall when your SMBS ends at 11:10AM. Tickets are $5 each and may be purchased below, through the front desk, or via one of our mission-trippers.

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