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Fun and Games

Fun and Games

On Tuesday, I wanted to have a little fun with our orange and blue neighbors to the North. Recognizing that we have a few Auburn faithful at First Baptist, I thought it might be interesting to see how FBC Auburn was preparing for Monday night. Little did I know that a few other people might also be interested.

Twitter_AU-FSU-2 Using twitter, I received a prompt reply of verses—both biblical and apocryphal—from the Tigers. An Auburn friend posted the exchange on Facebook. A War Eagle “news” site picked up on the thread, and the rest is virtual history. For an older generation, twitter is like talking on a party line—but for all the world to read.

After a humorous exchange of religious-proof texts, we decided to raise the stakes a bit. With the help of Zach Allen and Auburn Pastor, Dr. Tripp Fuller, we’ve agreed to hold a joint mission project planned by the winning team’s church. The opposing team’s church will take a road trip to help. While having fun, we hope to do some good in the process.

Athletics can be serious business, but life goes on after Monday night is over. G.K. Chesteron said, “Angels can fly because they take themselves lightly.” So with a little help from our friends up north, let’s laugh a bit, and do some good together. Thank the Lord, it’s just a game.

(You can also check out the story at, and at Auburn FBC.)