Pastor’s Blog


Before the first chapter of Mark is finished, Jesus takes a retreat to pray. Occasionally, we just need to get away as a church and reconnect to the Lord and each other. This weekend is our chance.

Whenever I have a retreat, I’m usually just grateful to get there. By the time I arrive, I’m ready to just crash. But a churchwide retreat, in the city, with a couple hundred of your closest friends, how do you prepare?

Let me make a few suggestions….

  1. Plan to break. Finish work early on Friday if you can. Go home. Change clothes. Pretend you’re packing for a getaway—without the luggage.
  2. Unplug. Turn your phone on airplane mode while you’re in the building. Tell your friends who normally call you that you’re unavailable.
  3. Meet. Prepare to meet new people. Sit at a different table with strangers. Get to know someone who doesn’t attend your Bible study.
  4. Learn. We will throw a lot of information at you, some new, some review. No one here is an expert. We want to learn from each other
  5. Pack. Make sure you have your Bible and a notebook with you. All of the topics are based on biblical stories that we can live out today in Tallahassee.
  6. Celebrate. This is a time to enjoy, have fun, and leave full. The food is going to be delicious too.
  7. Pray. Talk to God about where you are, pray for your city, open your eyes and ears to the movement of the spirit.
  8. Thank. The staff and volunteers have worked hard on this project. Please be sure to let them know it.