First Focus


It seems like every week when I open the paper or watch the news, I’m catching First Baptist in action around the community. These surprises come in all shapes and sizes. Each one shares out of a heart of love for Christ.

With the successful completion of the Montgomery House, Gary and J.C. Montgomery are the proud owners of a renovated home and ministry center in the Griffin Heights neighborhood. They are positioned right in the neighborhood because of First Baptist.

On March 8, several ladies coordinated a baby shower for three single moms who live at the Hope Community, a transitional housing ministry through Big Bend Homeless Coalition. This project began with a simple request from Hope Community, and our women pulled this project together in less than a month. Folks are still writing notes to these women in the Connect Center, and we have many more opportunities to come to touch these single moms in Jesus’ name.

Music therapy graduate student, and our own music intern, Anna Marie Friars coordinated and implemented A Night at the Opera with our ministry partner, The Shelter. Through the resources of many First Baptist people, and the help of Larry Kung, these homeless friends spent an elegant night sharing beautiful music with beautiful people on March 31.

Marty Smith shared with our staff recently about a blind Christian woman who called wanting resources to share her faith with a Vietnamese manicurist. Marty had a simple suggestion. Even though she could not read the materials to her friend, the manicurist could read to her after she finished painting her nails. Marty sent the materials to the Christian woman, and she’s sharing her faith while getting a manicure.

The Easter season puts community into Love Tallahassee. We can’t leave the empty tomb alone; we can and must go together. These four are just a few examples where you are sharing Christ’s love with our neighbors. I’m proud of you, and can’t wait to see you on the other side of the empty tomb on Sunday. Happy Easter!