Taking STEPs on the Common Way


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Taking STEPs on the Common Way

Taking STEPs on the Common Way

Do you love to attend potluck dinners? They’re the original comfort food. You never know what you will get, but each offering is a small picture of the chef’s life.

Believers shared a common life together in Acts. It looked like an outward-focused potluck. They invited anyone to come, and the movement multiplied. In Acts 2:41-47, their gatherings had four STEPs:

  1. Share
    They shared food, possessions, and time. They were willing to pool their resources because the community knew the best way to impact others. Together, they could accomplish more. They told stories of God’s movement in their midst.
  2. Teach
    When they met, they listened to the apostles’ teaching. The sermons in Acts record the curriculum. They learned and grew together by listening and correcting each other.
  3. Eat
    They broke bread together. It reminded them of the last meal they shared with Jesus, the times when the bread multiplied and fed thousands, and the daily bread that Christ provides
  4. Pray
    Prayer was routine and regular. Building on the prayers at the temple, they prayed three or four times each day.

By taking these STEPs, the Lord blessed. They were amazed at the beautiful work of God in their midst. They were able to taste and see that the Lord is good.

When you gather with believers, who’s invited? What STEPs do you need to take to become a part of the Common Way?