First Focus


“You never get a second chance to make a _________.” If you said “first impression,” you’d be partially right. Long before new families try to find a parking place downtown, they have an impression of our church. They’ve met one of our members in the neighborhood, heard about us through word of mouth, or visited our website. These are the church’s front doors. We only get three times in the year when new and mostly unreached families are guaranteed to walk through our doors: Family Easter Celebration, Weekday Parent Orientation, and Vacation Bible School and Sports Camp.

Why are these so important in our lives? They’re akin to the time you first meet people who could be a part of your family one day. You want them to have a favorable impression of you. They’re just as nervous about meeting you, too. In the tension of those moments, lives are changed.

What makes these so important to us is the chance to share the gospel through our hospitality and hearts. We’re a friendly church. Everyone knows that, but most people walking through the door are not just looking for friendliness. They want to know if someone here can be their friend through their lives. Easter, Weekday orientation, and VBS are the three strategic times for us.

One event has already passed, and it was a huge success. Next week, our Pastoral Staff and Weekday Committee are hosting the Weekday Parent Orientation Tuesday and Thursday evenings. Vacation Bible School is right around the corner. How can you help?

Let our Weekday teachers know how much you appreciate them. Debra Speights and her staff are doing an incredible job of ministering to these children and families.

Take and distribute VBS and Sports Camp brochures at the bus stop. Invite your neighbors. Offer to give them rides.

Send an email to 10 friends with a link to our VBS registration. There is a $100 fee for Sports Camp. There is no charge for VBS. Ask them to forward the email to others and share the word.

Look around for U-Hauls. This summer, as new families move in, take them a casserole and offer a caring word about First Baptist.

You’ll find plenty of resources and more ideas through Erin Westberry and Rhonda Smith’s office. Let’s extend the community of First Baptist into our city. Let these families know how great it is to be a part of the life of Christ on mission downtown. You never get a second chance to walk through our doors for the first time.