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Suicide Prevention

Last Wednesday, Josh Hall kicked off a two-part series on preventing suicide. This is a tough topic for any church to address, but naming the problem diffuses the pain and encourages people to discuss difficult issues at church. If we can’t talk about these things here, then where else can we discuss them? Often times Sunday Morning Bible Study and worship do not give us enough time to do so. Josh presented a clear, helpful plan to place victims of suicide on our RADAR. He taught us the warning signs and the appropriate responses for Christian people.

Recognize warning signs
Assess risk
Discuss both sides
Act to reduce risk
Reinforce coping

Our community has an excellent local resource through 211 Big Bend. Our ministers counsel people regularly through mental, emotional, and spiritual stress. Be sure to request a copy of the DVD or CD by contacting us. I’ll be sharing the biblical perspective on suicide tonight, and practical ways to help friends as they walk through this trauma when their loved ones die this way.

The good news is that Christ has already equipped you to respond to those in crisis. A listening ear, a loving heart, and Christlike life. Turn on your radar, and pay attention to those around you. You never know who might need an encouraging word today.