Sabal Palm Partnership


First Focus

Sabal Palm Partnership

When we say “Love Tallahassee,” there’s no better sign of success than the people who have volunteered at Sabal Palm. Under Rhonda Smith’s leadership and a great ministry group of leadership appointed by the missions committee, these volunteers have delivered the good news through good deeds.

On Sunday, we told just one story about one volunteer affectionately known to the third graders of Sabal as “Mr. Glenn.” Glenn Wright’s example is just one of many that have impacted this community. Through the investment of First Love, the students are taking time to give back to their school.

This project began in May 2013. Since then, 27 have mentored children. Over 100 from the FBC family have volunteered one or two times each week. They have moved classrooms, provided food for backpacks, read stories, adjudicated competitions, torn down a fence, held a basketball clinic, laid sod, sung for the celebration of a new mascot, decorated, and provided food.

Sabal PalmI could not be more pleased with the effort and the outcome. I’m so excited about this year and can’t wait for the next step in the process. Through our continual investment in this campus, Christ is changing lives, and we are loving Tallahassee. Contact Rhonda if you would like to be involved in the 2014-2015 school year. Be sure to thank a school teacher and a volunteer. Without Christ doing his good work in them none of this would be possible!