Sending and Receiving


First Focus

Sending and Receiving

According to Acts 18 and 19, a group of people converged in Corinth for a unique season of ministry: Paul, Priscilla and Aquilla, Apollos, Silas, and Timothy. Each one has a special place in God’s plan in Acts. If we tracked their mission across the Mediterranean world, we would be following in the footsteps of the Spirit’s work in each life. But while in Corinth, they came together like an ancient version of church staff and left a lasting legacy behind. They shared one thing in common. Each one did something else in their careers prior to accepting God’s call to service. I can only imagine the conversations they had together. Over the next month, we get to speak with three who have followed a similar path.

Over the next month, we’ll have a chance to honor and celebrate our own Aquilla, Priscilla, and Silas. On August 10, we will ordain Josh Hall, Silas. A native of Jacksonville, Josh felt called to ministry while he was here at First Baptist and left a great career in public service to carry out God’s call here on our staff. He will be completing his Master of Divinity at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary this month. On August 10, we will have an ordination council at 4:00 p.m. and ordination service at 6:00 p.m. A reception will follow in the fellowship hall.

Just as we ordain Josh Hall to continue the work he’s doing, we honor our own Aquila and Priscilla, Fran and Nancy Buhler, on August 24. For the last 21 years, these two have mentored, shaped, and shared the lives of so many in our church family and community. Fran came out of the business world to serve on our church staff; Nancy has educated students for generations, both in the community and in our church. We will honor their work on August 24 with a reception at 4:00 p.m. in the fellowship hall. We will have several special presentations you will not want to miss. The FBC Chordsmen will sing at 6:00 p.m. in the sanctuary. Fran’s last Sunday with us as Associate Pastor will be August 31. You can personally be a part of his legacy by contributing to the Fran and Nancy Buhler Endowment Fund.

One of the signs of success in ministry life is churches that ordain, send, and bless those in vocational ministry. Corinth was such a popular place; it became like a revolving door of ministers coming and going, celebrating and sharing together. For the next few weeks, we get to be a part of the sending and receiving. The same hands that ordain those in ministry are the same hands that bless those completing this season of ministry. Fran, Nancy, and Josh are just three great examples of the dynamic staff that the Spirit has put together here at First Baptist. We have a chance to celebrate God’s call in the lives of both of these fine servants, knowing that we will continue to follow in their footsteps and testify together of their great work.