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Back to Missions

I love going back to school. I followed a school calendar for 25 years, and I think my body still recognizes when it’s time to purchase a backpack. Our church realizes how important this season is for us programmatically and missionally. This Sunday as we promote SMBS classes, we commission and bless educators and students.

Our church is at the heart of education across our community and state. It’s safe to say that we have someone involved in or retired from every level of education in our state. Education is a part of our DNA. We love students, faculty, administrators, and the significant calling to our area. The special partnership we’ve developed with Sabal Palm Elementary has formed a meaningful friendship. In 2013-2014, we have assisted Ray King and their faculty with rebuilding work. We’ve seen sizable improvements in proficiency, but there is much work to do to assist this campus in their turnaround.

God has called a special person out of our children, college, and young adult ministries to serve at Sabal Palm. Amy Rigsby, a native of Navarre, Florida, has been an active part of our church already. Her impact has been felt in several ministries here. She has now sensed God’s leadership to join the Sabal Palm faculty. You’ll have a chance to hear more of her story Sunday and celebrate her work along with many others who serve campuses across our community.

How can you help in the days ahead?

  1. Pray. Find a campus in your neighborhood, and have a prayer walk. Invite neighbors to assist you. Offer to clean the grounds. Introduce yourself to the principal, and thank them for their leadership.
  2. Volunteer. Rhonda Smith is enlisting volunteers now to serve in the 2014-2015 academic year at Sabal Palm. We can use your help in classrooms and as mentors. Sometimes these are short term/one-time events, others are long term commitments. There is something for everyone to do.
  3. Support. Parents and students need caring adults outside of the family to assist.
  4. Wear a T-Shirt. Each Tuesday in August and September is “T-Shirt Tuesday.” We’ll be distributing free FBCTLH t-shirts in the second floor welcome center and in children’s and youth SMBS classes. Pick one up Sunday.
  5. Welcome. This Sunday we welcome special guests from Sabal Palm. We will be hosting a reception in their honor in the welcome center. Practice the “5 minute rule” and the “15 foot rule” as we honor our friends.

Back to school means back to missions. I’ll see you Sunday as we launch the new mission year.