First Focus


When churches want to multiply their impact in a community, they start small. Just ask our friends who go across the world as missionaries. After moving to a new place, they meet neighbors, attend schools, and eat meals. As they go, they share faith and life together with others. Now, we’re on mission here in Tallahassee. As Josh Hall shared with our deacons this past weekend, we’re the ones who have been sent to a community. As we go, we’ll find there are students here from over 100 countries attending FAMU, FSU, and TCC, 30-35 percent of Leon County do not attend a church, 75% of college students do not believe in Jesus, and 40% of households with children are single parent families. This is your Mission: Tallahassee assignment.

If we were called to China, we’d pray for God’s direction and for Christ to be glorified. We would learn the language, map the area, plan the work, and find at least one-two people to invest our lives in. We’d allow the Spirit to lead and God to bless. We’d also expect eventually to either start a church with those people or invite them to an existing church in the area where their faith can be nurtured and grow to multiply more disciples.

On September 12-13, we begin a similar journey through our Life Groups: EQUIP training weekend. We have a vision to equip people to start groups on mission. They will reach the unreached, unchurched, and uninvolved in each of the areas (and more) listed above. Our prayer is that Life Groups will be the mechanism to build relationships with these unreached people groups. As relationships form, we will be the church and invite them to our church. We will extend an invitation to come to Christ, join First Baptist, grow as a disciple with us, and share their faith with others in Life Groups very similar to the one that led them to know Christ.

The first step on the journey is for God to call individuals to serve. 40 people have already been trained, and you can be the next one. Register today, and become a part of this exciting movement to share our faith in community to our community. This is Your Mission: Tallahassee.