Fasting Discipline


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Fasting Discipline

Fasting has never been high on the list of Baptist disciplines. Feasting, yes. Fasting… maybe if we’re in a real bind. Jesus certainly warns us about fasting for attention (Matthew 6). That doesn’t get us out of the practice; I have just ignored the discipline. Prior to Easter, most Christians forego something like chocolate. Other than that, we tend to overlook one of the practices of a relationship with God.

During the month of September, I want to invite you to skip one meal each week, and use the time to reflect on the question, “Do I want what Christ wants?” Ask God to help you to do want what He wants. Using the book of Philippians as the bread of life, and feasting on the Word of Jesus Christ, reflect, pray, journal, share, and fast. We do not do this to get anything out of God, or to repent of our sins, or to show the world what a difference we can make. Rather, we participate in fasting because this is what it means to be a Christian. Our speaker for Connections Weekend 2015, Scot McKnight, suggests that fasting just turns our attention toward God, which is where it should be anyway. Just as Jesus fasted 40 days as part of his relationship with the heavenly father, so do we. Instead of 40 days, I’m asking you to skip 4 meals.

We’ve posted a few resources on the blog to help you out, and you’ll read the story of at least one person who does this on a regular basis. Consider it “Fasting for beginners….” like me. Schedule it as you would a normal meal, eat a little bigger meal prior to the one you skip, and eat a larger one afterward. Drink some juice or water while you read, reflect, repent, and refresh. God does the work. You just be there for Him.

Speaking of work, please join us Saturday morning for Helping Hands. Our campus is a busy place, and twice a year, we come together to clean up and clean out. We could use your help. Our property committee does an excellent job of staying on top of the big issues with our facilities. But the little things get as much of our attention each Sunday. Offer a hand this weekend. You’ll probably meet someone new and maybe even someone who could be your fasting buddy. Fasting and cleaning are more rewarding with friends. See you this weekend!