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Saturday Report

Saturday Report

Saturday’s EQUIP training featured a talk from Rick Howerton and two breakout sessions customized around the stage and type of Life Groups at FBCTLH. Howerton addressed leadership of Life Groups. He challenged us to “lead wisely not demandingly.” When facilitating Life Groups, we need to demonstrate our integrity as good people rather than forcing our guests to meet unrealistic expectations with heavy-handed methods. In Life Groups, Howerton says, leaders “trust God more than techniques.” “You need God to be the difference when you can’t be.”

He demonstrated this approach through the “backward gossip” exercise. We placed one person in a chair and three people behind the person. From behind their back, three affirmed the one person in the chair. Of course, the receiver felt very uncomfortable; but the participants learned to engage in “holy gossip,” sharing affirmation about a person’s life and ministry.

In the same way, said Howerton, we should lead through affirmation. His talk reminded me of the way shepherds lead flocks. They lead from an inner core of confidence and grace, asserting themselves when needed the most but giving sheep permission to roam and graze.

The two breakout sessions provided practical steps as Life Groups begin their first season.

Next Sunday, we commission these leaders in both services and celebrate this new work with lunch from some local food trucks. Join us for a great day of worship and blessing! If you want more information about Life Groups, be sure to contact Josh.