Friends With Jesus


First Focus

Friends With Jesus

At our Life Groups:EQUIP training weekend September 12-13, Rick Howerton challenged us to look away from the church and see the future church. Around us in offices, homes, neighborhoods, and mission projects, we’ll see the people that will one day be a part of the church. There’s only one caveat. We need to show them what a friendship with Jesus looks like and introduce them to our best Friend.

Friendship with Jesus gives us opportunities to introduce people to have faith in Jesus. When Jesus is a concept that we’re trying to discuss or a set of propositions we’re trying to remember, a discussion about faith becomes a very uncomfortable, awkward series of missteps trying to figure out when I “switch gears” and shift into evangelistic mode. When Jesus is your friend, out of our normal, natural relationships, you’ll talk about the people who are your friends. You’ll serve and share faith, because this is what you naturally do.

This month and next month, we’ll be giving you two opportunities to do what comes naturally. Share the good news, while you do good deeds. This Sunday, we’ll commission and congratulate these who are leading and participating in Life Groups. You can’t bless without a party, so we’ve invited local food trucks to line the parking lot. We’ll have dinner on the pavement, and bless those moving out. As part of the celebration, Julie Boyd will be with us in both morning services to keep us laughing as we commission these groups to serve with the joy of the Lord. She’s also a part of a big night on Sunday night for Zach and our college students at the City-Wide College Missions Banquet.

October 25 is our annual service day called “First Love.” Volunteer enlistment is underway on our website and on paper in the Connect Center. Please send the link to our online enlistment to your offices, neighborhood, and college groups to invite them to serve with us. We’d love to have their help, so we can share while we serve with our community. Deadline for volunteers is October 12.

Around us, you’ll see the future church. Let’s tell our friends about our Friend.