Volunteer by Sunday for First Love


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Volunteer by Sunday for First Love

Volunteer by Sunday for First Love

For 13 years, we have taken one day to show Matthew 22:39 to Tallahassee. It’s the second greatest commandment—to love your neighbor as yourself. This year, we have 20 more requests for projects than last year. Just over 100 people have already registered. Now we need you and about 400 of your friends, co-workers, and neighbors. Our goal is 500 volunteers for the big day—Saturday, October 25.

This Sunday is the First Love volunteer registration deadline. By registering now, you help our First Love planning team fill the slots, identify gaps, and adjust schedules accordingly. Here’s how to do it: fill out this form right now, or e-mail Hannah Singletary in the office. You will be matched up with a team that fits your skills. We have something for everyone.

Then, forward this post right now to 10 people who can be a part of this effort. Think about it like a churchwide potluck. If you come to a potluck, you bring enough food for 10. If we have a churchwide day of service, we ask you to bring some friends to multiply the service. Please share these good deeds with others. Ask them to fill out the form by Sunday, and be sure to tell them to mention your name on the form.

We’ll have a volunteer kiosk in the welcome center on Sunday to answer any specific questions you have. Let’s get ready to serve. October 25 is just around the corner, but we need to know by Sunday who’s ready to Love Tallahassee together.

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