Between Two Walls


First Focus

Between Two Walls

Our generation lives between two walls: the construction of the Berlin Wall and the West Bank Wall in Israel. One fell 25 years ago this Sunday. Families and friends reunited after years of separation, war, and communism. Another was built over eight years ago and still divides families and friends because of terrorism, war, and ethnic hatred. I’ve had the privilege of seeing both walls in my lifetime. In college, I saw the remains of the Berlin Wall just a couple of years after the reunification of Germany. I’ve taken groups to see the West Bank Wall in Israel. I feel a connection to both because of the memories I share and the hope that I have for the people they affect. Though the causes of division run deep, only one Person offers the hope our world needs. As Paul said in Ephesians 2, Jesus Christ broke down the dividing walls between us. Only he offers forgiveness, hope, and justice to a world awaiting his unity and freedom.

This Sunday we worship our Savior who is alive and well in faithful households and teaches us how to parent and grandparent future generations in Jesus’ name. Sunday marks a special day in the life of our church. It’s the 165th anniversary of the founding of First Baptist. We pause in worship to remember the lives of loved ones who have gone to be with the Lord, recognize our newest cohort of Golden Members (50 years or more of membership), and give thanks to God for our church’s heritage.

We look no further than anniversaries like this Sunday to remind ourselves of the mission ever before us in Tallahassee. Derrick Johnson once wrote the lyrics to a song that still reminds me of our

“Many were the saints who’ve gone before us,
Who fought the fight no matter what the cost.
And even though much has changed, the cause is the same
God’s truth will live on, if we have kept the faith.
From generation to generation, we must pass along the plan of God’s salvation.
Let us raise the torch of holiness until it’s seen by every nation.
From the young to the old, God’s faithfulness unfolds
From generation to generation.”