The State of FBCTLH


First Focus

The State of FBCTLH

This past year, God has blessed our church with 128 new members, 407 first time guests, and 33 baptized believers. As new people visit and join our church, we equip them to walk with Jesus Christ for life. As people come to Christ, we invite them to grow in their faith and share their faith with others. As our membership grows, we want to adapt to the complex challenges of a dynamic ministry.

With the personnel committee’s blessing, I have asked our Pastoral Staff to meet this challenge within the 2015 budget the church has already approved. I am so grateful to each one for their diligent work. I could not ask for better support or a more caring team of ministers. Penny, Pam, Zach, Todd, Rhonda, and Marty are such a blessing and continue faithfully in their roles. John Rice, Jenna Young, and Josh Hall have each taken on new responsibilities. All of us are committed to help us go, disciple, and teach the Great Commission.

John Rice is the newest face of our staff. He has already made a great impact on our church in just a few short weeks. As Executive Pastor, he’s working with SMBS departments with adults ages 40-69. He is overseeing operations, budget, outreach, and missions. He’s working with each of our administrative committees: property, finance, personnel, and missions. We’re grateful to have him, and we’re looking forward to his family joining him at the end of December (and he is too).

Under John’s leadership, Sharon Cawthorne will be our new Director of Operations. You already know her as the first face that meets you at the welcome desk. Sharon’s military background and management experience give her the credentials we need as we create this new role in this transition. She will oversee facilities and maintenance staffs, administer human resources benefits, manage the calendar, and maintain the membership pipeline from first time guests to involved new members. We are currently seeking a Financial Director who will coordinate the budget, stewardship, and endowment funds. This person will work with Leigh Byrne and Vicki Bitton who continue to serve faithfully in our
accounting department. As Sharon moves into her new role, we will have a new person at the front desk on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights to assist people.

Jenna Young has already begun her work as the Minister of Senior Adults, Single Focus, and Pastoral Care. She’s increased her ministry from 20 to 30 hours per week and is visiting assisted living and homebound residents, visiting hospitals, and working with SMBS departments that have Senior Adults age 70 and above, and continuing to minister to single adults age 40 and above.

On December 1, Josh Hall will become the Associate Pastor to Young Adults and the Christian Life Center (CLC). He continues to serve with Young Adults who have finished their college years through age 40. In his expanded role, he will oversee operations of the CLC facility and the CLC committee and develop the CLC as an arm of the Young Adult Ministry. This is a natural fit for Josh and his team. We’re so pleased to have Lindsey Sheets on our staff as the new administrative assistant in this area, and Dianne Butts will continue her faithful service at the CLC control desk. Josh will also be administering Sunday Morning Bible Study (SMBS) and continuing to work with Life Groups.

I could not be more pleased with the direction our church is going. We would not be here without your contagious spirit and care you’ve given to the body of Christ. Thank you for inviting your friends to be a part of God’s work here. This Thanksgiving season, take time to celebrate. You are a blessing.