Kairos Moments


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Kairos Moments

Like reporters recording the news, I challenged you Sunday to take note of the ways God is at work in your world. These are called Kairos moments—when God’s plan interrupts our schedule. We don’t plan for them sequentially ahead of time. As we go through the seasons of life, we begin to notice God’s presence. It feels so often like a slinky that’s been played with so often that there are lots of loops and turns.

Kairos moments happen in the unexpected twists of life, when God seems to collide with what we planned. Instead of making a to do list of resolutions, I suggested that you write down and reflect on the ways God has already worked.

The practice of journaling as a spiritual discipline has a long tradition. When he was on Patmos Island, Pastor John had a vision. The angel told him, “Write what you see” (Revelation 1:7). When the people were ashamed of their sin, God instructed Ezekiel to write down the plan of the temple to remind them of what he was doing for them. The Gospel writers—the evangelists—recorded many of the things Jesus did and taught among the people. In his opening sermon in Mark he said, “Repent and believe the good NEWS.”

This year, I invite you to keep a Kairos journal of those moments in your life. Reflect over the past few months and recall how you’ve experienced God’s presence. It might not be through an audible voice, but you might be able to recognize the people and places where God’s presence has been with you. Pay attention and look around in your day at the way your life really is. Take note of the ways God reminds you of his presence. These can be positive times—comfort, affirmation, connection, joy. They can be sorrowful—grief, job loss, relocation, surgery. I won’t require you to turn these in at the end of the year or force you to share publicly. This record is for you to train your mind to watch, wait, and write what you see and hear.

I do encourage you to share what’s in your journal with those you trust. Find an accountability partner or family member and talk with them about what you see. Ask each other, “What will you do about God’s presence in your life?” And hold each other accountable to follow through. Kairos journals make for great discussions starters for children and families as well.

We have a few more Kairos journals for free available at the front desk at church. The best kind are the ones you make for your own. Christmas gives you plenty of time like Mary to “treasure these things and ponder them in your heart.” If you forget, bring yours to church. I’ll give you a few prompts throughout the year to record. As you write, your eyes and ears will be opened to Jesus who promised us, “Lo, I am with you always to the very end of the age.” In fact, he’s working right beside you even now.