Are We Willing to Follow Him?


First Focus

Are We Willing to Follow Him?

This Easter, we’re focusing on the eyewitnesses around the cross. Everyone is an eyewitness to Jesus’ work; are we willing to follow him? This month, let me suggest a few ways to do that at First Baptist.

Follow our Boston team and pray for them this week. Erin will be posting updates on our website. If you’re on Twitter or Facebook, the hashtag is #vermonstah. Pray for this group of 57 college students and sponsors that God will use them to bless these church plants in Charlestown and that they will have opportunities to show and share the gospel. They will be reporting to our church family in Bible study on March 18 and worship March 22.

Participate in worship. Join us each Thursday during Lent for worship with our downtown churches. We host March 12 at 12:10PM. Each Sunday, I’ll be focusing on a different eyewitness to Jesus. During Holy Week, we invite you to join us for three events. On Good Friday, we will be offering silent, reflective Lord’s Supper from 11:00AM until 5:00PM in the sanctuary. This service, called “Remember,” is always a special time for our downtown business and legislative community. At 7:00PM, our Sanctuary Choir and drama will present the “Last Words From the Cross.” We’ll meditate on Jesus’ seven last words from the cross. On Saturday, April 4, Rhonda will be leading the Family Easter Celebration in the CLC Gym from 10:30AM-12:00PM. It’s a special time to tell families about the true meaning of the Easter season.

Invite a friend. For Easter on Sunday morning, invite a friend to join your for worship that day. Everyone likes to go to church on Easter Sunday. Why not invite someone to come with you? You see them throughout the week; now show them why Easter is so important to you. They will actually see and experience the power of the resurrection that morning here at First Baptist.

Practice having new faces in the house. Do you remember the 10-foot rule and the 5-minute rule? We used these last fall for promotion Sunday. Speak to anyone within 10 feet of you, and take 5 minutes after each event to speak those around you. Practice sitting in a different location in the sanctuary—in hopes that a guest takes your seat on Easter Sunday.

Volunteer to greet guests or care for children. We will need additional greeters and childcare workers at each hour on Easter Sunday. Please contact Hannah Singletary if you can take a shift.

Pay attention to Jesus this season. He invites us to follow him all the way to the cross. Bring someone with you as you do.