Five Ways to Prepare for Easter


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Five Ways to Prepare for Easter

One of the greatest opportunities we have to share the gospel is often the most overlooked—Easter Sunday. More people—including the unchurched—want to go to church on this day than any other. On April 5, we will proclaim that we have seen the crucified and risen Jesus Christ in Tallahassee. Help us get ready for this special day of worship and Bible study.

First, pray. Pray for Penny Folsom, Pam Cooke, choir, praise team, orchestra, and our SMBS teachers as they prepare for this extraordinary day. Pray for the lost people that you know that nothing will distract them from wanting to be in worship on Easter Sunday. Pray for those who’ve dropped out of church but are seeking friendship and fellowship.

Second, invite a friend to join us for worship. Most people want to be in church on Easter Sunday. If you have a friend not already involved in another congregation, be sure to tell them about our church. Post this video to your facebook, or email it to a friend. Invite them to sit with you in worship. Which friends would you invite? Think about the funerals, weddings, and new babies that you’ve heard about this year. Look through your Christmas cards from December. Among the bereaved and celebrants, who’s actually attending a church right now? If you say to themselves, “I couldn’t invite them,” then usually those are the ones. These are critical times in the life of any person, and Easter is a good excuse to keep them from falling through the voids and victories of death and life.

Third, pack the plaza on April 5. If you’re physically able, or are not an expectant or new mother, please plan to park in Kleman Plaza. We’ll have additional golf carts to help people up the hill.

Fourth, volunteer to help. On Saturday, March 28, over 2,000 guests will visit our building for Springtime Tallahassee. Volunteer to welcome these guests by signing up online here. While they’re on the block, we’ll be inviting folks to join us for Easter Sunday. We have special shirts designed for Springtime this year.

Fifth, welcome folks on Easter. If you’re already serving in choir, orchestra, praise team, greeters, or technical ministries, or sitting with a guest, you’re doing your part. However, if you’re not involved in one of these important roles, help us give our guests the best experience at church they’ve ever had. We need additional greeters, nursery workers, and parking attendants to serve for 1 hour and 15 minutes. Come early, or stay late if necessary. Sign up for a time slot online or check at the Connect Center for more information.

I invited someone today, and he knows I can’t sit with him. But I hope he’s going to be there with his family. Will you do the same?