Resurrection Season


First Focus

Resurrection Season

Easter is more than a day; it’s a resurrection lifestyle that changes the direction of this life and eternal life forever. Just as we use Lent to prepare for Easter for 40 days, Easter is a season that lasts 50 days. Through the power of the resurrection, we learn how to love Jesus and each other. Love always begins with gratitude for the people who love you. First Baptist, I want you to know how much I love you.

Sunday was the beginning of a new resurrection season for us, but it was not possible without weeks and months of preparation. You have prayed for the friends who were lost or who have dropped out of church. Sunday, you invited them, and they came. Our services were filled with guests and returning friends who expressed their gratitude at a chance to worship the risen Lord. Over 50 greeters stood in the parking deck and on the pavement welcoming and directing traffic. SMBS teachers prepared and shared. Choir, orchestra, praise team, band, technical staff, and music staff prepared wonderful services. We were eyewitnesses to something Sunday—Christ’s presence meeting us here in our Galilee.

All week long we prepared. We shared the traditional “burnt offering” of Boston Butts for College students on Thursday. We remembered his sacrifice by receiving communion in the Sanctuary. We worshiped at the foot of the cross hearing Jesus’s words examine us. We celebrated with children, parents, and grandparents at the Easter Family Celebration. We worshiped a risen Lord twice. College students enjoyed lunch following the service Sunday. You held babies, broadcast services, assisted the sick, and provided hospitality in ways that glorified the risen Lord. Thank you for your work, your service, and your energy. You inspire me and have helped me grow in my faith even more this season.

We can’t give any one person credit for what we experienced this season of Lent. We can only say praise the Lord. I especially thank you for the support and kind words you have given to me and my family. We are grateful to share life with you. I look forward to meeting you back here in Galilee on Sunday. We’ll share the Lord’s Supper together. What better way to celebrate than to share a resurrection feast with people you love.