7 Ways to Grow Up this Summer


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7 Ways to Grow Up this Summer

7 Ways to Grow Up this Summer

Summer always stretches us in our faith. The season gives us a chance at First Baptist to grow up in our faith in Christ, lift our eyes, and see the work of the risen Christ around you. Our church will be sending 5 groups to 5 locations and camps across the world. As these groups return, we’ll have a chance to hear and see the work that they accomplished on their trips. Here are some ways you can be involved in God’s work.

  1. Look Up
    On our website you’ll find information about each of the following major events:

    • Youth Choir Tour to New Orleans June 2-7. Youth and sponsors will be sharing Christ’s love with a home concert on June 7 at 6:00PM.
    • A Full Summer at Rickards High School June 6- 250 volunteers preparing 60,000 meals for hungry children in Leon County.
    • Vacation Bible School and Sports Camp June 15-19. Family Night on June 19 at 6:00PM.
    • Youth Journey Camp June 23-26 to Toccoa Falls, Gergia.
    • Builder’s for Christ Mission Trip to Pratt, Kansas, July 13-17. Assist the First Southern Baptist Church of Pratt, Kansas build a worship center.
    • Haiti Mission trip July 18-25 to assist the orphanage and churches north of Port-au-Prince.
    • Boston Summer Mission trip July 18-25 to assist church planters in Charlestown.
    • Go Week August 19-22. Zach Allen and our college ministry lead a team of volunteers moving students into dorms as they return for the Fall Semester.
  2. Pray up
    Pray for health, safety, and for Christ to be glorified. Pray for rehearsals, practices, and strength for staff and sponsors. Pray for open doors to the gospel and lives of participants and recipients to be changed.
  3. Sign up
    We could still use your help locally in Vacation Bible School, Sports Camp, a Full Summer, or Go Week. You can be involved in these exciting ministries…. And make a difference.
  4. Show up
    Youth Choir home concert June 7 at 6:00PM, and Family Night at Vacation Bible School June 19 are two personal ways that you can show your support to these groups and our staff. People always ask, “What do you need, and how can I help?” Your presence is a great present and affirmation to the work that these teams do.
  5. Write up
    Record your experiences in your kairos journal. Ask yourself, “Where do I see the Spirit’s work, and what is God saying that I should do about it?” Make note of where you see his work around you. If you’re a part of these teams and ministries, we’d love to receive your stories and publish them on our website and newsletter. Take videos on your iphone, post on your facebook, and share the good work that God is doing in your life. It makes a great testimony of your faithfulness.
  6. Give up
    Surrender your life and resources to the Lord. Be generous in your giving this summer by going online today and making a contribution to these efforts. Through our missions and program budgets, we pay for the transportation, staff, supplies, and scholarships for most of these trips. In other words, we can’t do this work without your gifts. As we share together, God multiplies our work.
  7. Rise up
    As the temperature goes up, let’s rise up to worship the Lord this summer. Each Sunday, we’ll study courageous faith and hear Jesus’s voice as he calls us to “Rise.”

I know God will bless our efforts if we’re faithful. How do you plan to grow up this summer?