Blessing Families Through Weekday


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Blessing Families Through Weekday

Parker and Drake are alumni of good Weekday ministries. Parker graduated from a Mom’s Day Out when Kelly worked (for pay) in San Angelo. Methodists and Baptists taught Drake how to be prepared for Kindergarten. He’s our ecumenical preschooler. Both benefited from loving people who could have done anything with their lives. Their teachers worked in a Christian environment and prepared kids for the journey of life.

First Baptist is blessed with an equally wonderful ministry. Fifty folks give their time, energy, and talents to teach people about Jesus and prepare them for Kindergarten. Each year, Weekday has an Open House to introduce parents to their child’s new teacher and welcome prospective parents. This past week, they combined efforts with our church. We hosted 120 adults and 70 children for Wednesday night supper. Our Fellowship Hall was filled with FBCTLH, Weekday, and Staff families. Many stayed for Bible study afterward in the Sanctuary. I shared what it means to be a BLESSed family. This kind of family has five qualities.

Believes. They advocate for each other as parents and children. They use meal times to tell each other how much they mean to one another.

Lines. They draw clear, flexible boundaries that can be redrawn every 6 months through communication, trial, and error.

Experiences. They give experiences to each other more than gifts. As one writer says, “You can’t pay an emotional debt with cash.”

Service. Families sacrifice for each other and put the other person’s interests above their own. I haven’t had to send any family to marriage counseling trying to outdo one another in service.

Season. Everything in life cycles around. The seeds from the fruit of one event are planted in the experiences of the next. Even death leaves room for resurrection when faith in Christ is central in a home.

I can’t tell you how exciting it was to see so many people fellowshiping together. We were blessed to be together. We are blessed as a church to have this ministry. Pray for our Weekday staff as we continue to help these children grow in “wisdom, stature, and favor with God and man.”