Upcoming Fall Events


First Focus

Upcoming Fall Events

August is a month of promotion, vision-casting, and hospitality at First Baptist. Please take note of these fantastic opportunities to get involved and to grow in your faith.

August 9- Commissioning SMBS leadership in worship for the new SMBS year

August 16- Promotion Sunday. Pick up a free “FBC” t-shirt to wear on T-shirt Tuesdays around town for “T-shirt Tuesday.” Age-graded classes will promote to new Bible Study classes. We will commission school students, staff, and educators in worship.

August 20-August 23- Go Week on the college campuses, and welcome back College Students. Zach will be leading our students and volunteers as they help move students into dorms and share Jesus’ love. On Sunday August 23, we will commission college students, staff, and faculty in worship.

August 26- Sharing our Vision together in Business Meeting. I will share our 2020 Strategic Plan at 6:00 p.m.

September 2- “Why Believe?” begins on Wednesday nights. I’ll be teaching an Adult Bible Study class at 6:00 p.m. in the Sanctuary on why we believe what we believe—and the difference it makes in our lives. This series will supplement the “Think, Act, Be” series on Sunday mornings (see below) and continue through November 11.

September 6- Wear your colors and Food Truck Lunch Sunday. This annual tradition of wearing your school colors to church and enjoying “dinner on the grounds” Food Truck style from local vendors is a highlight of the year. Join us for a fun Sunday of worship and fellowship.

September 13- Kick off “Think, Act, Be” series in worship and SMBS. We’ll be studying Randy Frazee’s new book on the core beliefs, practices, and fruit of the Christian life. We will look at what we believe as Christians and the difference these beliefs make in our lifestyle. We’ll study the fruit of the Spirit that is produced from a life that is surrendered to Jesus. We’ll discover how to love ourselves, our God, and our neighbors the way Jesus taught us to love. This book is designed to help us have and implement a vision of faithful discipleship: living the way Jesus would live if he lived our lives today. Books will be available to pick up in SMBS classes at the end of August.

Be looking out for more information about these exciting ministries. Because of the guests we anticipate over these Sundays, Hannah Watt could use your help as a greeter on August 23 and 30. If you’re looking for other ways to get involved, contact Hannah in our church office.