Business Meeting, Wednesday, October 28th


First Focus

Business Meeting, Wednesday, October 28th

For the past year, our Strategic Planning Committee has led us through a spiritually renewing time of prayer and discernment about our vision. We have been blessed by Dr. James Furr’s insights as consultant and received numerous suggestions from our church. In September, the deacons recommended this report to the church. On Wednesday, October 28, our church will discuss these recommendations in business meeting. To allow everyone to have a chance to participate in the decisions, we will change the Wednesday night, October 28, schedule only.

5:00-6:00PM supper and snack rack

5:45-6:50PM Children’s music (No Children’s Missions)

6:00-6:50PM Youth Choir, Sanctuary Choir, Orchestra

6:00-6:50PM Adult Bible Study in Fellowship Hall

6:00-7:00PM Women’s groups

6:30-7:00PM Praise Team

6:50PM- Youth Choir ends, Collide begins with adult supervision (ends at 8:00PM).

7:00-8:00PM Business Meeting in the S anctuary with nursery, childcare, and Collide for youth. Children will be supervised during this hour.

By consent, the business meeting may be extended. The Strategic Plan vote shall be conducted by written ballot. The full report is available online and in print in the Connections Center. Thank you to each person who has played a role in developing this report. Our congregation has given us great input throughout the year, and I’m so grateful for your involvement.