First Focus


The book of Exodus offers one of the earliest records of unsolicited advice from in-laws. Moses’ father-in-law, Jethro, told Moses that he needed help. It would not be the last time a spouse’s parents chimed in with suggestions. Jethro recognized that godly Leadership as a solo person should actually be spelled godly WEadership. Just as Moses and Aaron needed help from the tribal leaders, so Pastors need Staff and Deacons to carry out the work of ministry.

This Sunday marks an important leadership day for our church. The Strategic Coordinating Committee meets after church to begin their work. As chairs of each of the committees and deacons, they will communicate and coordinate our efforts to implement the 2016 strategies in the strategic plan across the various groups in our church.

On Sunday afternoon, our deacons have their annual orientation and training. At 6:00 p.m., we gather for Deacon Ordination in the Sanctuary. An ordination service is one of the most significant worship services of the year for me. I remember those who placed their hands on me and God’s call on my life. For a church, ordination recognizes that God has already called these deacons before we decided they should hold this office. They are already leading through their lives; now we ask them to lead through their service in the body of Christ.

In preparation for this time of worship, please pray for the new deacons to be ordained: Zack Summerlin, Funmi Ojetayo, and Jim English. We will hear their testimonies in both morning services this Sunday. Pray for our returning deacons beginning new terms of service as well as the returning deacons this year. We set these men apart this year for their wisdom, service, and prayer for our church. Pray for our deacons as they begin this year together. I’m grateful to each of these leaders for their role in helping us reach people for Jesus.