Pastor’s Blog


Lent begins Sunday, February 14. Lent is the traditional 40-day Christian season of prayer, fasting, and repentance prior to Easter. As Jesus entered into the desert at the beginning of his ministry for 40 days, so we withdraw intentionally, confess our sins, and experience God’s amazing grace and forgiveness. We begin our season together with communion this Sunday. I’m looking forward to sharing the Lord’s table with you. Please mark your calendar for a special event for the season of Lent each Thursday during the lunch hour beginning next week.

“Together in Lent” is a series of four worship services coordinated by Tallahassee’s downtown churches. Each Thursday, we gather at noon in the host sanctuary for a brief time of worship. Following the service, we enjoy a light meal in the church’s fellowship hall. Proceeds from the meal benefit “Operation I.D.,” a service provided through the Renaissance Community Center to homeless persons.They are able to receive an identification card, apply for work, and receive necessary benefits to get back on their feet.
This year’s schedule is as follows:

Host location:
February 18 – St John’s Episcopal Church
February 25 – First Baptist Church
March 3 – Trinity United Methodist Church
March 10 – First Presbyterian Church

February 18 – Bill Shiell
February 25 – Abi Moon
March 3 – Brant Copeland
March 10 – Wayne Curry

Services are open to anyone in the community, and we hope you will bring friends. The schedule allows for those with a lunch hour to return to work within the time allotted. Please join us for this time of reflection, worship, and fellowship with our Christian brothers and sisters.