First Focus


  • 1009 Concord Rd
  • 2110 Fleischmann Rd
  • 4425 Meandering Way
  • 100 John Knox Rd
  • 2507 Old St. Augustine Rd
  • 4501 W Shannon Lakes

You’re probably wondering what these addresses have in common and mean to First Baptist Church. Well, let me tell you! These, along with some other private addresses, are home to a wonderfully special group of our FBCTLH family. These members have more stories about family, our country, our church, and their faith than we can even begin to imagine. Some of them have trouble remembering if they have told you the story before; some of them cannot move around like they used to; some of them have lots of family and friends who visit; some of them have no one who visits.

Every one of them has a genuine love for God and for First Baptist Church. One leads a Bible study each week for other residents and many of them have prayer lists and are praying daily for our staff, our Pastor Search Committee, and those listed in our weekly Prayer Guide. Some like to talk about their daily devotions. One still studies her Sunday School lesson each week, even though it has been years since she has actually attended a SMBS with her class. Their wealth of knowledge and legacy of faith is one of the most precious resources that we have as FBCTLH members.

Would you consider becoming more active in our Homebound Ministry? Would you use the list published the first week of each month to pray for these dear people by name? God knows the needs of each one as you pray for them. That same list could be used to send Prayergrams or notes just to let them know they are not forgotten. Who doesn’t love to receive a letter in the mail?

As wonderful as letters can be, personal visits are much better. Eyes light up and smiles appear when someone from our FBCTLH Family visit them. Being on the receiving end of such a warm welcome is such a blessing; would you consider making visits once a month to one or more of these family members? Maybe you could take one hour a week to make a visit? Maybe you have children who would like to have an older person to spend time with; or maybe you and a friend could make visits together. As visits are made, friendships develop. Blessings will flow as you spend time visiting and sharing stories; God will be honored.

Every time I visit one of these dear saints I am grateful for their heritage, humbled by their faith, and blessed that God has allowed me to know them. If you would like to join in the ministry of continuing to honor those who have lived their faith out for decades, we would love to share the blessings with you.

For more information regarding Homebound Visitation, contact me, Rhonda Smith.