Church News


Thanksgiving is the season to express tangible gratitude for all the good things that have happened to us during the year. Several times in the Scripture, the people of God brought a ‘Thanksgiving Offering’ to God. And, as part of our American culture, we pause each year to give thanks to God for His bountiful blessings.

I’m writing to ask you to give thanks to God for His blessings upon First Baptist Church! To make a tangible gift “over and above” your regularly planned annual giving by participating in the 2017 Thanksgiving Offering. Our 2017 Thanksgiving Offering will be received on Sunday, November 19th!

Life is filled with unexpected gifts and challenges and 2017 has been no different. This Interim year, we’ve seen God’s hand at work in mighty and powerful ways; through VBS and Camp in the City, through our Youth Summer camps where almost 50% of those attending accepted Jesus as their personal Savior, through our Internationals ministry where we see growing numbers, in Celebrating 60 years of ministering to the Deaf of our community, through the baptismal waters, and many other dynamic ministries that continue on weekly! God is doing a Great work in our midst!!

But, we’ve also had a few challenges, some expected shortcomings, and unanticipated dilemmas. We replaced air conditioners in Chason and the CLC, repaired the elevator in the Adams wing, the water heater in CLC, water damage from storms, and of course…Bats.

Financially, as of the end of September, we are $140,000 short of our anticipated budget. Ministries are continuing to diligently work to keep expenses to a minimum, but our Mission must advance.

With this letter, I’m asking you to prayerfully consider making a special, one-time gift, in the amount of your choosing, to help us reach our budgetary goals and begin 2018 on a solid financial foundation. Special Thanksgiving offering envelopes will be sent to you and available in the worship center.

Our goal for the 2017 Thanksgiving offering will be to balance our budget shortfall. Any gifts over and above that amount will be put toward reducing our debt.

To avoid difficult decisions that will impact our ministries, facilities, and staff in 2018, I’m asking every member of our church to make a one-time gift and help bridge the financial gap between our budget and our revenue.

Thank you,

John Rice
Executive Pastor