Pastor’s Blog


This is always such an exciting time of year for our youth. They’ve just completed an amazing weekend of Disciple Now and are now making final preparations for Dessert Theatre. Seasons like this remind me of what a tremendous impact a youth ministry can make in the life of a young person (I know it did for me… many, many years ago). In fact, I can think of four major events that will shape them in just the first half of the year.

Our youth just spent an intense weekend studying God’s Word and being challenged to live faithfully for Him during Disciple Now. Thanks to the sacrifices of numerous college students, parents, and other church members, 75 youth — many from outside of First Baptist Church — had the opportunity to experience God’s love for them and form deeper relationships with one another.

Next weekend, March 2–4, our Youth Choir will present four performances of their Dessert Theatre. More than 50 youth will put in countless hours of rehearsals in preparation for the big weekend, which this year will use some familiar songs to focus on friendship and loving one another. Not only will this be an entertaining show that allows these young people to develop their gifts, demonstrate perseverance, and make great memories together, but the funds raised will be used to support their summer mission trip.

Following the conclusion of Dessert Theatre, the youth choir will begin learning new music and dramas to perform during their mission trip to Kentucky during the first week of June. Each year, a tour bus is packed with youth from sixth to twelfth grade who sing about and tangibly demonstrate the love of Jesus in venues that are often overlooked and forgotten. The impact of this trip extends far beyond the lives of the youth and chaperones but continues to be felt by those who the youth touched during that week.

And since there’s no rest for the weary, dozens of our youth will return home from the choir trip and immediately begin serving the very next day with Vacation Bible School and our basketball, cheerleading, and fine arts camps. These youth provide energy and excitement for the children in VBS and the camps, while also learning the importance of serving their church and developing responsibility.

Of course, none of this would take place without the support and investment of our church in the lives of these youth. From our dedicated staff — James Craig, Pam Cooke, and Erin Williams — to the dozens of volunteers who remain committed to serving in this ministry every week, as well as the generous giving of our members, it takes a church to truly reach the next generation with the gospel and help them to become disciples of Jesus.

So all that to simply say, “thank you.” Thank you for the part that you’re playing in these lives, and may we, as a church, never grow weary in doing this good work.