First Focus


On Sunday, March 1, our congregation was blessed to present Caleb & Terrah Mello with a check for $6,000. The Mellos, along with their three children, Levi, Chloe, and Lily, were sent out by FBCTLH in July 2016 as our missionaries to Knysna, South Africa.

Just like Paul and Barnabas in Acts 13:2–3, Caleb & Terrah were set apart by the Holy Spirit with a specific calling to bring the gospel to a specific location. To answer the Lord’s calling, they partnered with Knysna Hope. This meant that they needed to raise 100% of their own funds. The Lord answered those prayers in a mighty way largely through the members of FBCTLH!


When the Mellos came home on furlough in December of 2019, I had the privilege of meeting them for the first time. They expressed their gratitude for FBCTLH and explained how their sending church was a large part of their ministry there in Knysna. The Lord had been laying it on the hearts of many in our congregation that the church body should support the Mellos financially. This is a biblical practice (for example, see Gal. 6:6 and Phil. 4:16–20) and one that the Mission Committee, Finance Committee, Deacons, and ultimately, our congregation is excited to support. Both Caleb & Terrah have expressed their gratitude to me for all the continued support from the many different families as well as the added financial support of their sending church.

We want to be clear that our gift as a church is in addition to whatever the Holy Spirit has led the individual families at FBCTLH to give. Please do not allow our gift as a congregation to preclude your giving to this missionary family. If the Lord is calling you to support the Mellos, you can do so at mellos4knysna.com/support. While at their website, you can also sign up to receive email updates and learn about all the Lord is doing through them in Knysna.


With the recent spread of COVID-19 (commonly called Coronavirus), we have been in contact with local health care facilities, retirement communities, and hospitals as they make decisions for the well-being of their tenants. While there are no reported cases in Tallahassee at this time, out of caution Westminster Gardens and Westminster Oaks are requesting no visitors at this time. As other organizations make these decisions, we will let you know. Even though we have been asked not to visit, we can still make phone calls and send cards and letters to those who are in these particular locations. Please contact Joy Stein (x131) for information on how to do that.

With any infectious illness, it is always loving your neighbor to do what you can to avoid spreading it. This includes practices like washing your hands, coughing into your elbow or your shirt, and cleaning and disinfecting common surfaces. Also, if you are feeling slightly under the weather, you shouldn’t visit anyone in a healthcare facility or retirement community.

Last, but certainly not least, please be in prayer not only for our members but for those already impacted by this illness and the health care workers on the front lines helping to treat it.

— Terry Delaney

To keep up to date on the latest news and information on the coronavirus from the CDC and the World Health Organization (WHO), visit: